Natural Genius

  • McMichael Story
    Bent Pine 1948

    Bent Pine 1948

    A.Y. Jackson (1882-1974)
    oil on canvas, 81.3 x 102.0 cm
    Gift of Mrs. N.D. Young
    McMichael Canadian Art Collection

    • Introduction


      Learn about Tom Thomson’s life, art and special gifts

    • The Biography

      The Biography

      Read about Tom Thomson’s life

    • Revealing the Man

      Revealing the Man

      See images of Tom Thomson and read letters to friends

    • Talent and Dedication

      Talent and Dedication

      Read about the qualities and opportunities that made Thomson a great artist

    • The Great Outdoors

      The Great Outdoors

      Learn about Tom Thomson’s experience in Algonquin Park

    • Rustic in a Modern Age

      Rustic in a Modern Age

      Read about Tom Thomson’s early years and the influence of the Arts and Crafts Movement in Toronto

    • Integrated Vision

      Integrated Vision

      Learn how the English Arts and Crafts Movement and Continental Modernism were combined in the artwork of Tom Thomson and his colleagues

    • Texture and Colour

      Texture and Colour

      See a full range of Thomson’s artwork and learn about his seminal importance to the Group of Seven

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