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Summary More images of the tundra

By chrisnt

Although some members of the Group of Seven painted some wonderful and inspiring images of the Arctic, I believe that most Canadians still know little about those remote regions of Canada north of the tree line. When I first went to the Arctic in 1975, I fell in love with the tundra. Its vast, treeless vistas and expansive skies are a bit like the Prairies, but for me there is a different feeling about the tundra because it is so far north, and most of it is still pure wilderness. It is so wild, so vast and so far from civilization that on the tundra it is possible to feel completely immersed in Nature, as if you are experiencing the world just as it was thousands of years ago before humans began to change this vulnerable little planet. The tundra's beauty and its air of mystery inspire in me a contemplative mood, and although I find it difficult to express my feelings about the tundra in words, I try to reflect them in my photography. I have no doubt that the Group of Seven were attempting to express on canvas their own feelings about the wild Canadian landscapes they loved, and that's why their work is such an inspiration for me.

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