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FootPrints: The Legacy of the Group of Seven is a stimulating educational resource for students and teachers involved in Canadian and World Studies and the Visual Arts.

This virtual exhibition explores the indelible and enduring way in which the artists connected with the Group of Seven determined how Canadians, then and now, see their own land. Cultural study of this kind is a key component of historical discourse. Nationalism, industrialism, romanticism, and war; friendship, family, community, and environment — each is explored here in over 200 historically significant artworks, letters, photographs, and objects, contemporary video and audio accounts, and descriptive text.

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Three sample lesson plans are linked to this page, as well as a portal to the interactive Students’, Teachers’, and Scholars’ Forum. There, you can join the conversation by posting class projects, unit and lesson plans, your latest research, and new threads. This exchange will advance discussion and promote learning about the potent ideas, inspiring people, and moving events that helped to shape Canada during the early decades of the twentieth century and that continue to influence the nation and inspire passionate study today.

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